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NO PETA by crazedpleofangirl23 NO PETA by crazedpleofangirl23
Okay, so I just got an animation program and decided that I wanted to make an animated stamp.. yay!

Anti PETA, As in People for the Ethical treatment of Animals.

Which, is in my opinion, an organization made up of lunatics.

Um... If they're for animal rights (which I'm not for) why are they killing 96% of the animals that they take in each year. How doest that make any sense at all?

I am however pro PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals.

Yes. I know that's offensive.
I love animals, as all of my friends know, I absolutely adored my rabbit called George, was devastated when my cat ran away, wanted to murder the dogs that killed my first cat Domino, and desperately want a goat. However I don't have any problem with eating meat. My gosh, it's delicious, and.... Okay I'm ranting.

Anyway, all information was taken from :

Click the link for more information.

Please use this offsite and on, and I don't care in the least about credit. I want this message spread, so in 2010 Peta hopefully will get less foster animals to murder.

And I'll be putting on one that doesn't mention people eating tasty animals for all the vegetarians and vegans.

/for people who don't Support PETA: People eating tasty Animals

Okay and now due to certain bitches comments are disabled. If you really want to say something post it on my page. And you know who you are. Unless you have something other than lies and "Oh you're so terrible, you're so stupid" Don't bother. You know who you are.
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July 14, 2009
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